• air fresheners
  • Pet treats
  • body lotions
  • hand and foot cream
  • body mist
  • shower gel
  • candles
  • Hair jewelry

Dog treats and shampoo  will keep your pet pleased and pleasantly scented no matter how big or small!

Custom ordering available to suit your needs


​Paula's Potions, LLC

you smell it, we sell it!

            Hand beaded

         hair barrettes, and

          double hair combs 

         will give your hair

           new flashy,

       comfortable look.      

   Hair Jewelry

      Lotions, creams,

    body mist, shower 

   gel, bubble bath and lip

     balm will rejuvenate

          your skin and

      make it feel great.


“My lips are soft and healed!”

'My lips were cracked and hurt from the winter dryness until I tried Paula's Potions lip balms. There were many scents to choose from and my order was handled quickly and accurately!.'

         Our hand poured

           highly scented

            candles & air 


    give any space a fresh

      clean fragrance.

   They come in a variety

        of colors, scents,

              and sizes!

for your pets

skin proucts